Accidents & Injuries

In the event of a minor injury, First Aid will be administered by the Centre Stage manager were possible.

If a major injury occurs, first aid will be applied, the parent or registered carer will be contacted and the emergency services will be alerted. 

RIDDOR guidelines will be followed when reporting an accident or injury. Any environmental issues will

be evaluated and if deemed necessary will be discussed with those in charge of the premises. 



Consent forms to be completed upon registration by parent or registered care giver. Permissions include, assisting with clothing changes, supervising or administering medicines/ first Aid, remote temperature checks and publications. 

Safe Guarding 

At CS students are given the opportunity to talk freely in a safe and none judgemental environment. In the event of any disclosure, noticeable physical or behavioural signs,

that raise concern, these will be addressed by the manager of CS, documented and dated.

Behaviour & Equal Opportunity

At CS we recognise the need for a positive bond between teacher & student. To aid de-escalation of  a negative situation the CS manager and any staff, will maintain a calm

and diligent approach at all times.

CS is committed to anti-discriminatory practices and believes in treating students and their families equally, in a positive and inclusive environment.


In order to stay relevant in this ever evolving, competitive market of Performing Arts & Physical health,

CS recognises the need for social media. Positive images of un-named students will be used to celebrate

their achievements and to promote the school. Under no circumstances are children named, without prior permission from their parent or registered care giver. Taking personal photographs and videos is permitted at public events. Consent is required from the manager of CS for all private functions. Sharing of  images without consent is strictly prohibited.

COVID19, health and hygiene specifications

Only class participants may enter the building without prior arrangement 

Food consumption in an allocated areas only.

Upstairs rooms used for changing and waiting. Beginners and juniors must be accompanied by an adult.

No toys or items of distraction should be brought into class.

Hair and jewellery accessories should be kept to a minimum and not detract from free movement. 

Up to date permissions and H&S  forms are required.

Uniform requirements should be adhered to at all times.

STAY HOME with signs of contagious diseases, high temperature, fever, sickness, diarrhoea, continuous cough. 

For any issues, class cancellations or complaints please contact the Manager and data protection officer,

Mrs Aleysha Staines

Abbreviations: Centre Stage as CS, Policies and Procedures as P&P, Health and Safety as H&H, Bankers automated clearing service as BACS, Reporting of injuries, Diseases & dangerous occurrences regulations